People Potential Ltd 
25 Brook Court, Monkstown 

Co. Dublin, Ireland.

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Who I Work With

The people I work with are high achievers - people who have achieved significant outer success and whose lives look pretty good already. 

They have the money, the success, the status.  They are CEOs, successful entrepreneurs, senior business and political leaders, multi-millionaires.


They are ready for the next stage of their lives but are often not totally clear on exactly what this looks like.  

For some it's about wanting to feel happier or more fulfilled or to have more meaning in what they do. 


For others they want more time for other parts of their life or for what's most important to them.   


For some its about their legacy, using their talents to make a difference or giving back in some way.  

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


The clients I work with don’t “need” coaching.  They are successful already.


They choose coaching.  They want it. 

They want more meaning.  Or balance.  Or impact. Or joy.  Or time.  Or a bigger life.  A life true to themselves.