People Potential Ltd 
25 Brook Court, Monkstown 

Co. Dublin, Ireland.

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From outer success to 'what next' & beyond

I work with business people who've achieved a lot of outer success and I help them with 'what next' - what more or what else they want from their lives. 


I help them get crystal clear about what they REALLY want and support them in this transition through highly bespoke and personalised premium transformational coaching support and no-bullshit accountability.


This is about more than outer success. It's about figuring out the path that's right for you and living your best and happiest life - personally and professionally.   


A life in which you bounce out of bed every day with a sense of purpose and loving the life you're living..

A life true to who you really are.  


This is about really living your "one wild & precious life". 


This is transformative work.  

I'm Dr. Jill Walker and I'm a psychologist, keynote speaker, expert in personal growth and success, a lifelong seeker of adventure and have been living and breathing coaching for 15 years and counting.  Coaching and helping people live their best life is who I am.  

Often described as a “supercoach”, I work with highly successful people doing 'What next?' coaching. 


The people I work with have usually reached a stage where they want more meaning or fulfillment, to make a difference, or simply want to enjoy what they do more. 


While it may sound like a great position to be in to have achieved all you wanted, and of course in some ways it is, it's actually much more complex than people realise and many of my clients find they don't have many people they can talk to honestly about this.  

 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

What I do is not standard executive coaching.  This type of coaching changes people's lives.  


This is whole-life and whole-person coaching.  

It's also not about a "quick fix".  The transformative coaching that I do involves working closely with a select group of clients in a personal and powerful way that creates momentum, impact and real results. 

 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The way I coach and the results my clients get come from a core driver and belief that "Life is not a dress rehearsal, this is it". 


Everything I do and the way I do it is to help people live their best life.  To live a life and do work that is rewarding, fulfilling and successful - true to themselves and who they want to be.  

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild & precious life"
Mary Oliver (poet)

This type of powerful and transformative coaching has led my clients (corporate & private) to figure out what really matters to them and to create what they truly want in their lives & their work.  

Many have made major changes in their work or how they live their lives.  

ALL start living lives they really want, not what they feel they "should do".  

ALL start focusing on what's most important - in their work and outside work.  

ALL start living a life with a greater sense of purpose, impact or joy.  

ALL have changed on the inside (how they think) as well as the outside (what they do).  And THIS is real transformation.  Once the caterpillar becomes the butterfly, it never goes back.  

★  One very successful CEO/business founder realised he had much more to contribute & was happier when not caught up in the day-to-day of running a business & so decided to exit the business & focus on what was most important to him in his work & his life.  

★  One client stayed in the business but gave up his role as CEO & made the (not altogether easy) transition to focus more of his time, energy & exceptional talent on creating a charity to make a difference at a global level. 

★  One entrepreneur found that he had drifted into living a life that was all about outer success & making more money but wasn’t making him happy & found the courage to start living a life true to himself - not what others expected of him.