What next, after success?


As an executive psychologist, I have the privilege to work with multi-multimillionaires, CEOs, business founders, political leaders, private clients and those whose drive for success has led them to achievements often beyond even their own expectations.


These entrepreneurs and leaders in their field are highly driven people and some continue to pursue more and greater success.  


But for others, their successes don’t give them the same buzz anymore. 


Or they're not getting enough time to enjoy other parts of their life. 

Or they want to do something more meaningful.

And they start to wonder What next?' - what do I want to do now?

When you’ve reached ‘the top’, where do you go from there?

Not quite 'there' yet?


And for those who want a fulfilling, balanced and meaningful life, but don‘t feel you’re quite ‘there’ yet in terms of outer success, that’s fine. 


I also work with senior executives (typically C suite or Director level) who want to create this life along the way rather than wait until they’ve ‘made it’ to make these changes. 

This is where I come in ... 


I'm a chartered psychologist (Psychological Society of Ireland & The British Psychological Society), accredited coach (European Mentoring & Coaching Council) and an expert in personal growth, success and fulfilment.


I've spent 20 years' providing leadership development and executive coaching to Board level and working with top global clients like LinkedIn, Coca Cola, Google, the European Central Bank and YPO, but I'm not your standard executive coach.  


I offer a highly personal, specialised coaching service (virtually and in person) working closely with select clients in a powerful way and focusing on 'what next'.

And I get RESULTS.

I get results through a unique combination of psychological and coaching techniques based on what I’ve seen make a difference for the tens of thousands of people I’ve taught in organisations over the past 20 years and the many hundreds of people I've coached individually. 


“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild & precious life"
Mary Oliver
"Life is not a dress rehersal, this is it"

Take the first step


If you are reading this now, it's time to make that change.


You are already successful.  Now let’s use that drive to make sure your life not only looks good on the outside, but also feels as good as it can on the inside as well.


It's time to stop being too busy and letting other things get in the way and start creating what you really want in your ‘one wild precious life’.  

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